Jerald Freeman
Quarter Horses
631 Quapaw
Skiatook, Ok 74070

The parties hereto contract one service for the _________breeding season to stallion:_______________

Name of Mare______________________________________________, NO.____________________________

1.  Fee for________________________________season, $___________________________.
(a)$200.00 of the above fee shall be paid upon execution of this contract, or delivery of the mare to Jerald Freeman, whichever event first occurs. The reminder of the fee plus Veterinarian and board charges shall be paid when owner retakes possession of the mare.(b)Board shall be at the rate of (1) $_______per day pasture and feed: or (2) $____________ per day for stall and paddock care. Circle either (1) or (2).(c)   Jerald Freeman is authorized to hire a Veterinarian if necessary at owner’s expense.

2.    Owner represents that the mare is halter broke to lead, is healthy and in foal or in sound breeding condition.

3.    In the event, after acceptance of the mare, Jerald Freeman decides, due to the mare’s health or for some other reason that they cannot settle or do not desire to continue in an attempt to settle the mare, Jerald Freeman had the right to notify the owner and refund the deposit, less any veterinarian fee and board bill and thereby cancel this contract.

4.    Jerald freeman shall use his best efforts toward settling the mare, but in the event she is not settled at the end of the breeding season (July 15) then owner shall hold Jerald Freeman harmless; however, the owner shall have the right to return same or another mare the next breeding season on the same breeding fee. In addition thereto, in the event the foal does not stand and nurse and a Veterinarian so certifies, then the owner shall also have the right to return the mare the next breeding season on the same breeding fee. Balance of stallion breeding charges will be paid in full before the mare is picked up.

5.    Liability: (a) first party shall not be liable or responsible for any injury, accident or death of Second Party or any of his employees caused by said Quarter Horse; (b) Second Party shall not be liable nor responsible for any injury, accident or death of said Quarter Horse while this Contract is in effect.

6.    In the event the stallion dies or becomes unfit for service or, if the mare dies, then this contract shall become null and void and owners deposit will be returned less any Veterinarian fees and board bill.

7.    This contract shall be binding upon the Heirs, Executors, and Assigns of the parties.

Signed this________day of _______________________, 20________.

X____________________________________________.                  X_____________________________________________
SIGNEATURE OF MARE OWNER OR AGENT                                              OWNER OR AGENT OF THE STALLION

NANE (PRINTED)                                                                             ADDRESS:                                                                

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